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YiShan Korean Restaurant is dedicated to providing delicious Korean food to the local community. The owner, YiShan, used to run a restaurant in Korea for many years and now she brings delicious and healthy authentic Korean food to everyone. Browse our menu and buy our food now!

to Korean BBQ


Cowboy bones, prepared in the Korean BBQ way, are tender and chewy in one bite. The juices of the beef and the taste of the Korean BBQ sauce spread in your mouth, making it very delicious. The onion under the beef also absorbs the flavor of the beef, which is delicious and not greasy.

Korean Special Healthy soup.

YiShan's special healthy duck soup is made by slowly simmering a variety of Korean herbal seasonings. It is tasty and healthy, and will help you to regulate your body.

Korean Fried Chicken

Korean style fried chicken is made from fresh chicken and wrapped in a special Korean sweet and spicy sauce. One bite of the crispy shell, sweet and spicy sauce, and juicy chicken fully stimulates your taste buds, making it nutritious and delicious. For customers who want to try something different, try YiShan's special Korean style soy sauce fried chicken. Korean-style soy sauce fried chicken has the sweet taste of soy sauce. The overall taste is sweet and spicy with the right amount of salty flavor, and the multi-layered flavor chain will stimulate your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

delicious, well prepared Seafood Hotpot

The seafood is particularly abundant and super fresh. Special seasoning tastes better the more you eat, and the spicy and sour taste comes out later. Seafood and side dishes are very tasty in the mouth. The squid comes with Korean kimchi as a side dish, which is delicious and healthy.



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Healthy and nutritious diet.


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